*@Author   Mr Tan.
*@Address   Guizhou Province Guiyang BaiYun District.
*@CreateTime 2016—08-09.
*@Version  1000-000-000.
*@Description   ♥♥.
Boy name = Mr TAN
Girl name = Miss NIAN
// Fall in love river.
The boy love the girl;
// They love each other.
The girl loved the boy;
// AS time goes on.
The boy can not be separated the girl;
// At the same time.
The girl can not be separated the boy;
// Both wind and snow all over the sky.
// Whether on foot or 5 kilometers.
The boy very happy;
The girl is also very happy;
// Whether it is right now
// Still in the distant future.
The boy has but one dream;
// The boy wants the girl could well have been happy.

if(I.see(You)){// 只因为在人群中多看了你一眼.
try // 我冒了抛出异常、程序崩溃的危险.
while(true){ // 发现爱上你是一个永真的循环.
 for(N){ // 多少个日日夜夜的黑白.
I.stack.push(I.love(You).toString());// 我不停的把对你的爱恋压入我心底的堆栈.
I.encourage();// 我不停的鼓励自己勇敢表白我对你的爱恋.
if(You.love(You.love(I))===I.love(I.love(You))) {// 终于、我鼓足勇气把自己的爱恋传给你的形参,让两者恒等于.
break; // 等待你爱的程序返回“I Love You ”的誓言.
I.LoveForever(You);// 我将义无反顾跳出相思的循环去爱你一万年.
}catch(EverthingException e){ // 我将捕获一切的异常进行处理.
if(I.heart = malloc(sizeof(Love))==null){// 只为将我内心所有的堆空间.
I.stack.push(I.togetherWith(You));// 放满你的整个世界.
} }finally{ I.want.toSay(You.setNickName("Baby").getNickName()+",I love you forever!");// 最后,我想对你说:宝贝,爱你一万年!.
Darling, this is the time when we are in love.
Baby,I love you forever!
- 粘糕先生